Mailara Mahadevappa

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Mailara Mahadevappa

Mailara Mahadevappa was a prominent Indian freedom fighter from Haveri district of Karnataka state, India. Milara Mahadevappa, had accompanied Gandhiji in his famous Dandi March.

He organized a group of youths and commenced a sort of guerilla warfare against the government. His band of patriots roamed the country, raiding government offices and burning records, capturing government mails and seizing government money in transit. Finding the local police ineffective in dealing with them, the government brought a posse of policemen from Maharashtra to Haveri taluk and announced a reward of Rs.300 to anyone who would capture or help in the capture of Mahadevappa. But on 1 April 1943, Mahadevappa lost his life in an attempt to seize a box containing government money at Hosaritti in Haveri taluk. In all Mahadevappa and his men had successfully carried out seventy-four exploits, but in no instance was harm done to a single individual.

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